#seeme14 is ready to welcome delegates


#seeme14 is ready for delegates to arrive

After three months of preparation, we are ready to welcome delegates for See Me…Now, an agenda setting event to enable nearly 200 people from across Scotland to come together to discuss what a social movement for ending discrimination and stigma on grounds of mental ill health should be doing for the next three years. Though delegates are drawn from all corners of Scotland, and from a range of backgrounds, almost three quarters of those attending have disclosed that they have lived experience of either having a mental health problem, or caring for someone who does.

It has taken three months of detailed planning to build an event which will allow people in the room, and  those watching social media feeds the chance to have their voice heard, and help set the direction of travel for the refounded see me programme.

Judith Robertson, Director of ‘see me’ (@seeme_judith) , said:

“The ‘see me….now’ event is an opportunity to bring together a wide range of people to help shape and understand where the ‘see me’ programme is going in the next few years. We’re also keen to consider the different challenges we see ahead.

“People make change happen. I have been hugely impressed by the commitment, energy, creativity and sheer tenacity people have demonstrated in taking the work of ‘see me’ forward over the last twelve years. By engaging with people from all backgrounds across Scotland, we aim to create a new vision for the future where we can end this unfair blight on our society and inspire a ‘movement for change’ in our country.”

In keeping with the programme’s aim of involving people at all levels, the facilitation and social reporting from the event will be undertaken by see me and partner staff alongside volunteers, many of whom have lived experience.

We also hope to feature several blogs about what is happening here, and welcome contributions from the wider watching world.

Follow all the goings on here and on #seeme14 on Twitter as events unfold.



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