200 people, one great mission, and 30 Ketso felts to capture creativity


Dr. Joanne Tippett, Founder of Ketso and Lecturer in the School of Environment, Education and Development at The University of Manchester

I am thrilled to be here in Dunblane, in a room surrounded by people with a real desire to make change. The Ketso team has been asked to lead three workshops to develop the collective intelligence of the 200 people at the see me conference, many with lived experience of mental health illness, all with insights and knowledge. To do this we will be using Ketso – a hands-on kit for creative engagement.

I invented Ketso whilst working with villagers in rural Africa, planning for a better future in their local area. Ketso offers a structured way to run a workshop, using re-useable coloured shapes (‘leaves’) to capture everyone’s ideas. I went on to develop the kit in research at The University of Manchester, where I was fortunate to be able to work with residents in North Manchester to develop a plan for a former landfill, which is now a country park based on local people’s vision.


Ketso uses leaves and branches to visually build ideas.

In 2009 Ketso was launched as a social business and is now being used in 38 countries, with 300+ customers and 18,000+ participants in workshops. The kit is more tactile and visually appealing than traditional flip charts and sticky notes. This makes it highly inclusive, an important factor in the Scottish Government choosing it as the key engagement tool for developing its 2013 Refugee Integration strategy. Renfrewshire Council used Ketso to engage with over 400 community members in its 2010 Community Planning Conference (with 283 out of 293 participants agreeing that “the workshop allowed participants to work together, share ideas and be creative”.

So why is Ketso being used at the see me conference? Ketso gives everyone a voice, so everyone is more engaged, creative and productive. We want to make sure we have a chance to hear from everyone in the room – and build these ideas into creative ways to end mental health stigma and discrimination in Scotland. We will be running three different workshops over the two days: building a shared understanding of stigma and discrimination in mental health, looking at how to change behaviours, and then developing project ideas to take forward over the next few years.


Volunteer and staff facilitators learn the technique on Wednesday night

A team of see me staff and volunteers will be recording the ideas from the Ketso felts throughout the first day, to develop a draft set of themes that we will explore and develop on Friday. These will in turn inform the next three years of see me’s activities, as well as acting as a fantastic resource for all sorts of programmes and activities tackling stigma in mental health across Scotland and beyond.

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If you’d like do wirte something about your experience using ketso, get in touch with the social reporting team.



One thought on “200 people, one great mission, and 30 Ketso felts to capture creativity

  1. doyourememberthattime says:

    I found ketso to be one of the most patronising aspects of the seeme conference. it was cringe worthy. it’s the type of set up I would except to see used in primary school.

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