Join a People’s Panel to Assist Programme Evaluation

Learning and evaluation are going to be critical to the see me programme going forward. One of the ways the evaluation team want to bring in the voice of lived experience is via People’s Panel. Dr.Joanne McLean from Mental Health Foundation explains:

Why do we need a People’s Panel?

The See Me evaluation will use various methods to capture the relevance and impact of the See Me programme on those known to be most likely to experience stigma and discrimination. That is, people with lived experience of mental health problems including:

  • those with diagnosed mental health problems who are currently using mental health services and their families, carers etc.
  • those who have not been diagnosed and are not using mental health services but are living with mental health problems.

Those who are not diagnosed and/or who are not using mental health services are currently under-represented in anti-stigma research and evaluation. It will be important to capture both the day to day community based experiences of these two groups as well as collecting data from mental health service users related to their care and treatment.

One way of doing this is to create a virtual ‘See Me People’s Panel’. This method has been used successfully by One of Us, the anti-stigma campaign in Denmark.

What is the People’s Panel?

The People’s Panel in essence is a list of email addresses only which have been provided by people with lived experience who wish to participate. Otherwise, the See Me People’s Panel is anonymous, no other information will be stored about the people on the panel alongside their email addresses. The See Me evaluation team at the Mental Health Foundation will manage and administer the People’s Panel.

How will it work?

The See Me People’s Panel will be contacted via their email addresses at various stages throughout the See Me programme and invited to participate in anonymous surveys to gather their opinions, experiences and ideas on various aspects of the See Me programme’s work. This data will be used to inform the evaluation of See Me as well as to create new primary research data on key topic areas to inform the direction of practice and campaigns of the See Me team and other stakeholders. The panel may be used to evaluate general social media campaigns as well as more targeted aspects of the See Me programme. It is anticipated that at least two topic specific surveys of the people’s panel will take place yearly. It is hoped, as with One of Us, that membership of the See Me people’s panel will grow over time which will produce higher response numbers as recruitment builds up.

How do I get involved?

Recruitment will begin for the People’s Panel in April 2014 and will be on-going throughout the See Me programme. Recruitment will occur through various means such as at events, on the See Me website, through current databases held by See Me and its partners as well as direct recruitment requests sent to organisations who are in touch with or are led by people with lived experience.

If you would like to participate on the People’s Panel, please contact Joanne McLean, Research and Development Manager at to find out more and/or to submit your email address for inclusion on the panel.


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