A Round Up of Blogs and Media Coverage

This post provides a list of blogs and media coverage about the event. We are keen to ensure that participants have the opportunity to read as many people’s perspectives as they want, but we reiterate that blogs belong to, and represent the views of their authors . Posting a link here does not constitute an endorsement of content by see me.

We have asked permission to include all of these links, and would urge you to do likewise if you want to link them. Some of these blogs may contain content that some people might find distressing or triggering. Where that is the case we have highlighted this with a trigger warning, so that you can choose to read or not.

Blogs about the Event

Donna Barrowman (@WRAP_Scotland)

Michelle Fisher (@micmacfisheroo)

Chrys Muirhead (@ChrysMuirhead)

Mental Political Parent (@mentalpolitical)

Lyttle Green (@youshouldsee)
Please be aware that that this blog includes self-harm related content that could trigger/distress

Catherine Eadie (MentalHealth_UK)

Media Coverage About the Event

Daily Record, April 4th 2013
Local councillor Gemma, 23, tells how she conquered depression and why she’s determined to fight stigma attached to self-harming



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